Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Art and Culture of North - East India

Know more about origin, history, rich cultural heritage, customs, traditions and belives of various tribes now settled in different parts of North-East. The author has paid well deserved attention to various segments of the region and concentrated on past researches, the life, economic conditions, occupational patterns, arts and crafts, traditional dormitories and inherent concepts, dresses, entertainment and rapidly changing cultural and economic scene of the North-East.

With supporting photographs these accounts will enrich the knowledge and delight the readers as they derive their authenticity from personal observations of the author.

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Discovery Of North East India (11 Vols.)

Author : S.K. Sharma
ISBN : 81-8324-034-8
Year of Publication : 2005
Place of Publication : New Delhi
Language : English

Discovery of North East India is an insight to South East Asia. It gives plentiful information on the region and details on the community. S.k.Sharma who has written several eminent books authors the book and thereby the publication house expects that the book would be well received.