Saturday, September 15, 2007

Angami Naga

Author : R. Suri
ISBN : 81-8324-050-X
Year of Publication : 2006
Place of Publication : New Delhi
Edition : Ist
Language : English
Cosy :US$ 25

This is an exclusive work of the author, R Suri, on Angami Nagas. He has submiited his thesisi of Angami Nagas to Guwahti Universtity and thus attained his doctrate on the subject. Therefore you can understand that the books consist elaborate reserach with facts and figures supoorting it.

The book has been divided into Four modules

Chapter 1 consist of Introduction And Chapter

Chapter 2 -Deals With Physical Traits Of The Angami Nagas With Sections On Morphological Traits, Genetic Traits, Dermatoglyphics, Behavioural Traits; Besides Comparison Of The Present Study With That Of Other Workers.

Chapter 3- Discusses The Ethnic Position With Sections On The Relative Position Of The Angamis Amongst Other Naga Tribes Vis-A-Vis The Mongoloid Population Of North-East India And The Asiatic Mongoloids.

The 4 th Chapter - Summarises The Study And The Findings. Being The First Comprehensive Work Of This Nature,

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